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Spa Heaters by Spa Components, Inc.
Hot Tub Heaters, heater elements, and other fine products for the Whirlpool Industry.

                           SPA & HOT TUB HEATERS 

 Spa Components is a major supplier to OEM's & Wholesalers of Spa, Hot Tub, & Bath products including:

Spa heaters, hot tub heaters, spa heater elements, bath heater assemblies, heating elements, replacement heaters, and heater parts.

Spa circulation heaters were the first products manufactured, starting in 1994 under the HydroPro trade name, and the product line has grown to many different models of spa heaters, including replacement heaters for most popular brands of spa controls. SCI's Patent Pending Duraseal Bulkhead fittings and Patent Pending Flexfit Heater assembly are SCI inventions making spa service quick and easy.

ZP1521U1 Air Switch Replacement for Jacuzzi bath pumps and Hydroair and Emerson motors JPC airswitch by JPC International B24045G Spa Heater for 15.5" 240 volt 4.5 kW
Bath Pump Switches
ZP1521U1 JPC Air Switch JPCI ZP1521U10 Airswitch Spa Heater for Spas B24045G by Spa Components

Air Switch for Jacuzzi & Emerson Bath pumps & motors, by JPC International

Spa Heater for Cal Spas B24045G 15-1/2" 240 volt 4.5 kW Direct replacement for Spa Heaters rated 4500 watts. Hot Tub Heater is ETL Listed, stainless steel spa heater housing, with Incoloy spa heating element, rated 4.5kw, by Spa Components. heater is also available in 5.5kw rating, see B24055G
B24055L Spa Heater for Inland Manufacturing - Spa Factory Spa Controls 15" 240 volt 5.5 kW B24045T-5T Flexfit Universal Replacement Spa Heater 15" 240 volt 4.5 kW B24045T5T
Spa Heater B24055L for Inland Manufacturing - Spa Factory Spa Heater Unversal Replacement B24045T5T
Spa Heater for Inland Manufacturing - Spa Factory Spa Controls B24055L 15" 240 volt 5.5 kW, measures 15 inches flange to flange, with mounting studs. Uses replacement element 624552 Spa Heater 'Flexfit' Universal Replacement - - The first spa heater made for repair and replacement of existing hot tub heaters for a wide variety of spas, spa controls, and hot tubs. This model has moveable mounting studs, sensor mount, and five 1/8"NPT pressure switch taps. B24045T5T
624502T Spa Heater Element Titanium 5.0 kW 240 volt / 1.25kW 120 volt 240V 5000W Heating Element by Spa Components Spacomp 05T 624559MC Spa Heater Element 5.5 kW 240 volt Mid Terminals Coated 240V 5500W Spacomp 06M
Hot Tub Heating Element by Spa Components
Spa Hot Tub Heater Element Titanium 240V 5000W Heating Element by Spa Components Spacomp 05T, 624502T Spa Heater Element 624559MC SPACOMP 06M
Spa Heater Element with Titanium sheath, 5.0 kW 240 volt Fits most Flo-thru spa heaters. Features easy to install dimensions, for difficult style housings. 10.8" overall length,  240V 5000W Heating Element Spacomp 05T, 624502T .. Spa Heater Element 5.5 kW 240 volt. For mid-terminal applications. Features large O-Rings for sealing on imperfect surfaces. 10 inch overall length. Spa Heater Element 624559MC SPACOMP 06M ..

Hot Tub Heaters, Spa Heater Elements, Heater Parts

Spa Components also provides LED lighting products for Spas and Whirlpool Baths.

Pressure switches, air switches, flow switches, air buttons, and switching related components for bath pumps, bath heaters, spa equipment packs, spa heaters, and spa control items from JPCI, JPC International

We are continuously developing new products, offering quality, friendly service, and solutions to industry needs.

Spa Components, Inc.   27071 Cabot Road, #122   Laguna Hills, California 92653   U.S.A.   Tel: (949) 348-1956    Fax: (949) 348-1694


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Spa/Hot Tub Products
OEM & Replacement Components

JPC Switches

Spa Heater Replacement B24055Y

Spa Heater Replacement B24055Y
B24055Y Spa Heater Replacement for Spa Controls with 11" 240 volt 5.5kW heater, one 1/8" NPT tap. Ingenious Products, IPI, Blue Dolphin, uses replacement element 624552M .. see full description

LED Spa & Bath Lights

LED Spa Light 27 LEDs
LED Spa Light

Spa Components provides goods to OEMs and wholesale distributors. Fax inquiries to 949 348 1694
Spa Heaters by Spa Components

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